Why is training important?

The internet technology is continuously evolving. In order to keep your knowledge in the field of digital forensic research and cyber security up to date, we offer a wide range of trainings and educations. In this way you limit the dangers that the internet entails and you and your employees know how to make the most of all the opportunities.

Our expertise with regard to trainings

The courses we offer are always provided by experts in the field. The experts have the desired didactic skills and use high-quality instruction materials.

We are registered with the CRKBO. In addition we have an own Digitale Opleiding (DO) academy, which is extremely suitable for facilitating the various training courses.

Knowledgeable, experienced and honest

We have specialized in internet research, cyber security and IT auditing. Together with you, we ensure that your organization has a greatly reduced risk of image damage, fines from the government or high recovery costs due to cyber criminality or the incorrect processing of privacy-sensitive data. We test and improve you information security and pay attention to awareness.


Our experienced consultants offer support and assistance to clients in the field of digital research, cyber security, IT issues and trainings. Our team has extensive knowledge and expertise and closely cooperates with our clients.

Digitale Opsporing BV is a recognized digital forensic investigation agency and cyber security specialist, working under POB number 1182. Digitale Opsporing BV carries out criminal investigations on behalf of business community, insurers and financial service providers and advises companies in the field of digital fraud and cyber security. A private investigation agency processes a lot of personal data, whose protection has been given an even higher priority since the introduction of the GDPR. With the ISO/IEC 27001 certificate, our clients have the demonstrable guarantee, that we handle and secure their data in a professional and legally responsible manner.
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Which trainings does Digitale Opsporing offer?

Digitale Opsporing offers the following trainings in the field of digital research and cyber security:

2-day OSINT Open Sources Intelligence Training

2-day OSINT Open Sources Intelligence Training

In this Internet Investigation training, we have an extra focus on the digital forensics component and extensive case histories. In this context, participants are trained in techniques that enable them to search, using public sources, for individuals and businesses on the Internet.

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OSINT for legal profession

The use of the Internet and ICT is part of the daily work of the practicing lawyer. What can you do when searching for information on the Internet and what dangers lie in using websites and going online?

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User training iRC

During this 4-hour training, we will introduce participants to the iRC (Internet Investigation in the Cloud) tool. By using this investigative environment, they can safely, efficiently and effectively get started using the Internet as a source of information.

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