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Every day, our researchers are busy with internet research and know better than anyone what would simplify the use of the internet as a source of information.

Internet research is a very efficient and effective form of research, which in today’s digital age is now used in all stages of a research process. However, the research must take place in a safe environment, with the right research tools and within the framework of legislation.

Due to the GDPR it is important for organizations to have internet research conducted in a safe environment.

Due to the GDPR it is important for organizations to have internet research conducted in a safe environment.

OSINT toolkit (OTK)

The ‘OSINT Tool Kit'(OTK) developed by Digitale Opsporing is the most advanced tool kit for internet research.

OTK also excels in security, because the data is stored encrypted.

Among other things, OTK contains the following parts:

  • Case management
  • Automated searching in open sources
  • Automated searching in databases
  • Searching on the Dark Web
  • Logging of all your research activities

The application

iRC is a secure environment, with which you connect with your personal login details. No software needs to be installed or run on your own system and with various devices (laptop, pc). you can gain access to the system from any desired location . By means of a customer browser, you are anonymous on the internet and proven research programs are at your disposal.

The basic functionalities

iRC has a clear menu structure and offers an overview of the websites that are important for internet research. The iRC Digipedia gives you relevant information about these sources and websites, but for example also about the different search strategies.

Add-on functionalities

Our researchers continuously test the latest innovations in the field of OSINT. Only the best and most valuable add-ons are added to the iRC-browser. As a result, you will not be flooded by dozens of add-ons, but you are assured of the most suitable add-ons on the market, that have also been tested for their safety by Digitale Opsporing. In addition to valuable add-ons from other providers, Digitale Opsporing offers in OTK also the self-developed OSynq add-on.

SeekCure 24/7

threats, stalking and incitement

What is SeekCure?
SeekCure is a digital smoke detector. As soon as certain (key)words appear on the internet in combination with your (company) name, our system receives an alarm.

Because every customer is different, your profile with (key) words is drawn up by our specialists.

The SeekCure team consists of social media specialists and qualified private investigators who can also investigate the report and provide detailed reports.
We can provide very strong references in this field.


Your support in digital research, cybersecurity, training and IT issues

Our specialists have broad expertise and from that experience they can get the most out of your organization. They will help you make the right strategic, tactical and operational decisions so that you can fully focus on the development of your business. We support by:

  • Advise and assist you in your (OSINT) investigations
  • Providing (incompany) training
  • Providing coaching alongside your training
  • Identify business processes and associated risks so that your organization can take the necessary actions
  • Testing and improving your information security and paying attention to awareness
  • Conducting audits (including WLAN, Firewall, Network, Website and Phishing)
  • Establishing a disaster recovery plan
  • Restoring your environment after a cyber attack (e.g., ransomware attack)
  • Guide organizations in establishing the appropriate information security policies and implementing them (GDPR /ISO27001)
  • Thinking along with you and advising you on (IT) issues at every level within our profession

Want to know what our consultants can do for your organization? Please feel free to contact us.

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