Investigation agency

Definition: ‘A natural person or legal person who, in the exercise of a profession or business, carries out investigative activities with a profit motive, as so far as those activities are performed at the request of a third party, in connection with an own interest of this third party and relate to one or more certain natural persons.’

As soon as activities have the character of collecting and analysing data, they are regarded as investigative activities. The company where the person concerned performs these activities, is then regarded as an investigation agency.

A private investigation agency can be engaged for various activities and investigations. An investigation agency will also often work preventively or proactively. We take a look at the case and how it should be investigated.

It is possible that an investigation agency doesn’t have all the specializations in-house to complete a case completely. In such cases, various investigation agencies collaborate to get a complete picture of the case. The customer always comes first and Digitale Opsporting will offer the customer the best possible solution for that specific case.