Financial investigator, financial research

researchMore than 80% of the crimes committed in the Netherlalnds has a financial origin, meaning that the crime is committed with the intention of gaining a financial benefit. Whether it concerns a robbery, stealing cars and bikes, drugs dealing, burglary, prostitution, all these and many more crimes – are committed to earn money.

A financial investigator can solve different cases, both private and commercial. If there are money flows that are not trusted, they can be investigated by a financial investigator. The financial investigator can investigate where and how the financial flows run and who is responsible for what.

If, in private spheres, certain payments are outstanding that haven’t been paid (yet), a financial investigator can support your company or organization. Due to the different possibilities, new facts can be brought to light.

Digitale Opsporing can mediate in financial investigations, both commercially and privately. As an agency, we have the expertise to entirely examine a process and to discover possible fraudulent matters and to record them legally in a correct manner.


Financial-economic criminality.

Know your client. This is frequently heard in the financial sector and that is not without reason. Because as self-evident as it may sounds you must be and remain alert and critical with regard to client investigation under the Wft (Financial Supervision Act) to prevent reputation damage or limit it as much as possible.

In the context of the Wft (Financial Supervision Act) we can support you in an internet investigation, that can serve as a support in assessing the integrity of your business and private customers.

Financing of terrorism and money laundering are examples of specific reputation risks that may appear through a professional (semi) open source investigation.