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threats, stalking and incitement

Online monitoring on threats, stalking and incitement

“That you still dare to show your filthy covid head on TV,
You dirty, filthy monster of Dachau, you corrupt profiteer, deceiver who gets hundreds of thousands of dollars “. “They shot the wrong person in the head in front of the entrance to the parking lot, filthy piece…”

The above message was sent to a member of the OMT via social media at the end of 2021.
There is a serious increase in online threats. in these uncertain times we also see a lot of fake news about corona, companies or persons, which can have harmful consequences.

Simply monitoring social media automatically is no longer sufficient in most cases.
In addition to automatic data, you also have to go back to manual monitoring. Our investigators can draw up a profile of your organization or persons in the event of systematic online threats.
This risk file is ‘monitored’ 24/7 through proportionality and subsidiarity (GDPR proof).

What is SeekCure?
SeekCure is a digital smoke detector. As soon as certain (key)words appear on the internet in combination with your (company) name, our system receives an alarm.

Because every customer is different, your profile with (key) words is drawn up by our specialists.

The SeekCure team consists of social media specialists and certified private investigators who can also investigate the report and provide detailed reports.
We can provide very strong references in this field.

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