Research on devices

For various investigations, mobile phones are important digital data carriers. Digitale Opsporing is able to read telephones and analyse the data. By means of the Universal Forensic Extraction Device (UFED) virtually any phone model can be read (95% of the 6000 models). Chinese telephones can be read using CHINEX. As a result, photos, locations, conversations, navigation and (WhatsApp) messages can be retrieved. Even if they have been deleted by the user. We also have extensive experience in investigating causes and the moment of damage. Telephones with a false statement about the cause of the damage are regularly delivered to insurers. By providing relevant evidence, Digitale Opsporing supports insurers in combating this type of fraud.

Navigation system

Forensic investigations within navigation systems are becoming increasingly important in furnishing of proof in civil- and criminal cases. Most navigation systems have logs and configuration files that need to be forensically investigated and converted into readable and understandable information. Navigation systems can also be read. This can be useful to determine the routes driven. Well-known navigation systems are supported by the UFED. This makes it possible, just like with phones, to recover deleted files. Of course it is also possible to retrieve and read all locations and journeys that are made while using the navigation system. In this way it is possible to determine where the navigation system has been at a specific time.

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