Recorder Recovery

Recorder Recovery is an unique service of Digitale Opsporing. We restore the images of (almost) all camera systems. Even if these have been deleted!

Through Recorder Recovery there is a good chance that you will get back the images from a camera-recording unit or DVD recorder. Our certified specialists have many years of experience in data-recovery of DVR CCTV systems and NVR systems (hard disk recorders).

We have the knowledge, software and equipment to secure and restore (surveillance) images or DVR images in the event of:

  • Damage caused by fire
  • Damage caused by lightning stroke
  • Block by password
  • An erased recorder
  • A faulty hard disk

Our method of working:

  1. After receipt (personally or by post), specialists examine the recorder and will let you knowif any images are still present.
  2. After consultation, we restore all images that are present on the recorder to anexternal data carrier.
  3. Our specialists write a detailed report about the recovery.Because Digitale Opsporing has a POB number (1182), our reports withstand lawsuits.

Read one of our success stories via this link: “Deleted Recorder”

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