Internet research

The internet is the largest source of information in our society. 95% of all fraud cases today has a digital component. Digitale Opsporing has specialized in making efficient use of all these available (open) sources and social media, so that hidden information and digital traces can be found. Digitale Opsporing conducts internet research according to the applicable privacy rules.

Conducting an efficient investigation in open sources is an expertise. Combining and analysing all traces found in these public sources and making connections with other relevant cases is a skill.

If necessary, Digital Opsporing also consults some (partially) closed sources to discover the necessary information. Examples include the Chamber of Commerce, the land registry, Cyclomedia, Experian, Creditcheck and available black lists.

Digitale Opsporing also supports organizations or individuals by means of an IP address claim. In that case, the IP address will be enforced under civil law from a provider or social media channel, if defamation, slander, threatening e-mails, extortion or some form of fraud may be the case.


Recovery investigation

Through a recovery investigation, Digitale Opsporing investigates the recovery position of a debtor. Assets and financial means of the debtor are detected. This is especially important in a civil seizure.

In this investigation, not only the bank account of the debtor is checked, but also his/her other assets. Real estate (abroad), cars, shares, valuable inventory.

Depending on the evidence resulting from the recovery investigation, Digitale Opsporing provides advice on the next steps, such as seizure, initiating legal collection, filing for bankruptcy or refraining from further measures.


Insurance fraud

Digitale Opsporing regularly investigates claims in which there is a suspision of abuse. For example think of car insurances and damage insurances, where the damage is perhaps not as great as claimed. The purpose of this investigation is to establish the authenticity of these claims and thus to combat fraud.

Other forms of insurance fraud are failure to comply with the obligation to disclose, staging and faking. In these forms of insurance fraud, the investigators of Digitale Opsporing can also be of added value in the investigation of submitted claims.

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