Image analysis and photo-optimization
Image analysis and photo optimization can play a major role in fact-finding investigation, fraud investigation or damage investigation. If there is any doubt about the authenticity of a photo or image, we may be able to find out.

What Digitale Opsporing does:

  • We use meta data to find out where, how and when an image was created.
  • Based on open source research and the application of OSINT search techniques, we find outwhere a photo was taken and/or check whether the photo is found elsewhere on the internet.
  • Error Level Analyse. With this analysis we make edits visible that have been applied withphoto editing programs.
  • Recover deleted photos. There are also situations in which photos, which are importantfor your investigation, are – or in the meantime have been removed from websites. websites. A ‘Script Tool’ enables us to find deleted photos from certain (sales) sites.
  • We use various software programs that detect objects and faces in photos and automatically compare them with other photos in public sources. The software analyses the photo and adds a description.

In addition to the image- and photo analysis, we offer the photo optimization service. In our photo optimization service, we improve the quality of a photo, so that it can be zoomed in with a significantly better result. By using the latest techniques in the field of image optimization it is possible to enlarge photos while retaining details, while these details get lost with traditional photo editing software. Frames from camera images can also be improved with this service. This service has proven to be valuable in fire investigations, damage investigations and (insurance) fraud investigations. Below, you will find an illustration of the result of photo optimization.

The supplied photo, for enhancement:

The result, see section B (click on photo for magnification):

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