Healthcare fraud

Healthcare fraud occurs if healthcare money is used intentionally and deliberately, against the rules, for one’s own or someone else’s benefit.

After home- and youth care was transferred to the municipalities and henceforth had to be organized locally (and via the free market), numerous healthcare companies have plunged into this new market.

There is hardly any supervision on these healthcare companies. Only a few companies are obliged to submit annual reports, almost everyone can found a healthcare company and municipalities and health insurers can hardly check whether the submitted claims are justified.

Some healthcare companies have been making millions of profits since 2015. In the meantime, local care is becoming increasingly more expensive and municipalities no longer know how to pay for it. (1)

Digitale Opsporing can conduct an internet investigation for you and collect digital evidence that can show abuse of benefits and/or care money. For this research there must be demonstrable indications of abuse or fraud and a weighing of interests will be made as to whether the internet investigation is proportional.

We use different methods and various data from external databases to uncover the truth and thus detect healthcare fraud. Of course we always adhere to the applicable laws and regulations, including the GDPR and the Code of Conduct for personal investigations.

(1) Bron FTM

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