Digital Research

Research shows, that a digital component is present in 90% of all (private) criminal investigations.

Digitale Opsporing uses the latest digital techniques during investigations. Our team of investigators consists of certified forensic professionals and (digital) investigators, among others from the Dutch Police. Thanks to our extensive investigative experience and the diversity of specialisms, we are able to thoroughly investigate and assess (police) criminal cases. Below, you will find our offer.


Digitale Opsporing offers various forms of research to prevent (business) risks. For example, when there is a new collaboration or a (new) employee, it may be wise to conduct a thorough digital research for the security of your organization, for example in the form of a (Customer) Due Diligence investigation or (Pre) Employment Screening. To prevent fraudsters and forgers from staying unpunished, we offer help with reporting.


Prevention is of course always better than combat, but unfortunately fraud and forgery occur regularly. In various cases of fraud and forgery, Digitale Opsporing offers an appropriate form of investigation to combat this. For example, you can contact us in cases of insurance fraud, financial fraud, brand fraud, but also for investigations into disability fraud/absenteeism, forgery, or for investigation for recovery..


Your support in digital research, cybersecurity, training and IT issues

Our specialists have broad expertise and from that experience they can get the most out of your organization. They will help you make the right strategic, tactical and operational decisions so that you can fully focus on the development of your business. We support by:

  • Advise and assist you in your (OSINT) investigations
  • Providing (incompany) training
  • Providing coaching alongside your training
  • Identify business processes and associated risks so that your organization can take the necessary actions
  • Testing and improving your information security and paying attention to awareness
  • Conducting audits (including WLAN, Firewall, Network, Website and Phishing)
  • Establishing a disaster recovery plan
  • Restoring your environment after a cyber attack (e.g., ransomware attack)
  • Guide organizations in establishing the appropriate information security policies and implementing them (GDPR /ISO27001)
  • Thinking along with you and advising you on (IT) issues at every level within our profession

Want to know what our consultants can do for your organization? Please feel free to contact us.

Research sources

When conducting digital research, Digitale Opsporing uses the following sources:


Valuable information can be retrieved from the internet in digital research. This is done via open sources such as search engines and social media, but also through the part of the internet that is hidden and difficult to access: The Dark Web. In addition to investigation in open and semi-closed sources, we also provide IP address claim.


    Everyone leaves digital traces on various types of digital data carriers such as mobile phones, camera recording devices, navigation systems, drones, laptops, PCs and servers. We offer research to trace digital traces for various devices.


    Images can be manipulated and be a source of fraud or forgery. Are there aspects you would like to know about one or several imagesthat are not directly visible. For example, do you want to know when a photo was taken or whether a photo was edited or copied? Or are you looking for an image which seems to have disappeared? Digitale Opsporing can answer all your questions.


      Digitale Opsporing offers digital research into documents and files. After all, a lot of information can be hidden in documents, that are for example relevant for a fraud procedure. In addition, documents may be forged, which Digitale Opsporing can find out using specific methods.

        Method of working

        The step-by-step plan

        We offer you the opportunity to carry out a digital research according to a standard step-by-step plan. We make use of a research portal which continuously provides insight into the analyses and reports. After each phase, a ‘go/no go’ – moment takes place.

          Advantages of DO Digitportal

          • Reliable (encrypt) communication
          • All file information in centrally managed
          • Easy to monitor research progress
          • Safe down-& uploading of privacy-sensitive information
          • Methodology within the framework of legislation POB 1182