Cyber security

Dangers of the internet

The internet offers many possibilities, chances and advantages. However, this also has a downside: we become vulnerable and dependant. Systems are hacked and important documents unintentionally end up in the streets due to data leaks. There is a visible trend in which organizations are increasingly targeted by cyber criminals. Cyber criminals are increasingly targeting ‘the human being’, the employees, instead of systems.

Privacy protection (GDPR)

The privacy protection is regulated in different laws and treaties. This concerns, for example, the processing of personal data. Failure to comply with the regulations can lead to high fines from the government. In line with the new European data protection legislation, companies may only process (collect and store) personal information under strict conditions. This privacy regulation can oblige organizations to appoint a data protection officer.

Knowledgeable, experienced and honest

Digitale Opsporing has specialized in internet research, cyber security and IT auditing. Togehter with you, we ensure that your organization has a greatly reduced risk of image damage, fines by the government or high recovery costs as a result of cybercrime or the incorrect processing of privacy-sensitive data. We test and improve your information security and pay attention to awareness.


Your support in digital research, cybersecurity, training and IT issues

Our specialists have broad expertise and from that experience they can get the most out of your organization. They will help you make the right strategic, tactical and operational decisions so that you can fully focus on the development of your business. We support by:

  • Advise and assist you in your (OSINT) investigations
  • Providing (incompany) training
  • Providing coaching alongside your training
  • Identify business processes and associated risks so that your organization can take the necessary actions
  • Testing and improving your information security and paying attention to awareness
  • Conducting audits (including WLAN, Firewall, Network, Website and Phishing)
  • Establishing a disaster recovery plan
  • Restoring your environment after a cyber attack (e.g., ransomware attack)
  • Guide organizations in establishing the appropriate information security policies and implementing them (GDPR /ISO27001)
  • Thinking along with you and advising you on (IT) issues at every level within our profession

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What does Digitale Opsporing


To be able to withstand cyber-attacks, data leaks and the incorrect processing of privacy-sensitive data, it is important that an organization has the right policy in this field. Digitale Opsoring advises and develops policy together with organizations to comply with privacy legislation now and in the future and to be resistant to the risks of cybercrime. The awareness concept is an effective way of safeguarding the implementation of the policy.


As of 25 May 2018 the General Data Protection Regulation will apply. This makes privacy legislation stricter. Digitale Opsporing supports and advises organizations to comply with this new legislation.


Digitale Opsporing supports the implementation of the defined policy. We support the introduction of desired measures by means of a process-based and phased approach.


The Information Security Management System (ISMS) regulates the security and procedures for various types of data, such as employee-, product-, manufacturer-, and company data. Digitale Opsporing supports and advises organizations in setting up the ISMS.

Control Audit

Because privacy rules are becoming stricter and the risks of cyber-attacks are increasing, organizations regularly encounter problems with regard to cyber security. By means of an audit, Digitale Opsporing investigates whether an organization complies with the privacy legislation and to what extent the organization is resistant to external attacks.

ISO 27001 certification

Organizations that meet all criteria of the ISO 27001 standard, receive the ISO 27001 certification. This is a quality mark, that indicates that the organization is able to handle data in a secure matter. Digitale Opsporing advises and supports organizations in meeting the criteria of the ISO 27001 standard.

Method of working

The Cyber security concept

The Cyber Security-concept starts with a (zero) measurement. This is an analysis of the current situation, which includes your companies’ security policy and the awareness of your employees’ digital security. Based on this, a plan is proposed including the measures to be taken.

Advantages of cyber security-concept

  • Significantly reduces the chance that your organization will be harmed by cyber criminalityand/or data leaks;
  • Our training methods significantly improve your employee’s awareness of the dangers of cybercrime;
  • Risks of data leaks are greatly reduced.

The improvement process

  • Implementation of proposed measures;
  • A periodic check of your internet environment;
  • Enforcement of the cyber security policy.