Corporate fraud, Industrial espionage

About 1 in 3 companies is confronted with internal- and/or external corporate fraud at least once a year. It concerns criminal matters that are harmful for the company or the organization.

Corporate fraud means, for example, an incorrectly declaration of (private) expenses or declaring more than has actually been spent.

In many cases the police are, due to lack of time or other priorities, not able to conduct an investigation for you. In addition, the police and the judiciary are also concerned with the public interest, which doesn’t always mean, that your interests are represented.

In the first place, Digitale Opsporing focuses on the interest of you, the client. On behalf of our clients we are primarily concerned with preventing and limiting damage and/or losses as a result of criminal and/or fraudulent activities.

We have extensive knowledge to conduct a thorough fraud investigation. We provide legal and convincing evidence and you will receive clear and complete reports. Discreet and confidential of course.