About us

Digitale Opsporing BV is a recognized digital forensic investigation agency and cyber security specialist, working under POB number 1182. Digitale Opsporing BV carries out criminal investigations on behalf of business community, insurers and financial service providers and advises companies in the field of digital fraud and cyber security. A private investigation agency processes a lot of personal data, whose protection has been given an even higher priority since the introduction of the GDPR. With the ISO/IEC 27001 certificate, our clients have the demonstrable guarantee, that we handle and secure their data in a professional and legally responsible manner.

Our company started in 2007 in Horst as Com-Connect & Digitale Opsporing, founded by Paul de Vlieger and Wilfred van Roij. We started with 5 persons in a building in Horst. In those days we were one of the first parties to include an internet investigation education in our range of trainings. From 2012 the educations were further expanded with a 1000m2 practice hall in Sevenum (location Peelbergen). From 2014 we have started focusing on three pillars: digital investigation work and (financial) fraud research; cyber security and data protection, professional trainings in the field of internet research. In May 2017, we celebrated our 10th anniversary and decided, after five years in Sevenum, to return to Horst. This new building has a fully new digital forensic laboratory equipped with the latest digital tools and techniques. On this location, we also organize our trainings in a modern computer classroom, equipped with all modern techniques. With a team of approx. 20 persons and the Digitale Opsporing identity, we want to continue to grow, in a responsible manner, into a relevant national and Euregional player in the field of digital forensic (fraud) investigation and cyber security.

Over the past 10 years, Digitale Opsporing, specialized in digital investigation, has grown into a national renowned player in combating cyber crime, digital forensic investigation, fraud investigation and trainings in this field. In the field of fraud investigation, Digitale Opsporing has many large national insurers among its clients.

Digitale Opsporing BV offers the following services with national coverage: (recovery) investigations on HDD-recorders, photo-investigations, internet-investigations for incapacity to work and absenteeism, fraud investigation, investigations into identity fraud etc. In the past decade, the cyber security department has specialized in ICT-security issues. Advising management in the field of GDPR and supporting organizations in setting up GDPR-compliant working or an information security management system (ISMS) is one of the core competences of Digitale Opsporing BV. With security scans, pen testing, website audits, phishing audits and all kinds of new services, Digitale Opsporing ensures that its customers have a strong position in the current digital society. Our trainings in the field of internet investigation and awareness are highly regarded. The education Internet investigation with open source (OSINT) is one of the top courses in the Netherlands and is unique, because it is presented (with permission) by a digital detective working for the Dutch Police. Here, you can download the corporate brochure of Digitale Opsporing including a survey of our knowledge and expertise.

  • You can ask us questions about digital research and cyber security.
  • We solve issues quickly and with integrity.
  • We have the latest research techniques.
  • The data within your organization remains safe, because we guarantee discretion.
  • We also offer trainings to ensure that an increasing number of professionals, just like us,can start working on solutions in the field of digital research and cyber security.
  • We are more than willing to help you!